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What is the Machine plan?#

Machine is a bot which continuously looks for vulnerabilities in groups with active machine subscriptions.

When does Machine run?#

Machine runs continuously 24 hours 7 days looking for vulnerabilities in both source code and environments.

Where does Machine run?#

Fluid Attacks's Machine runs over the environments and repositories defined in the Scope (GitRoots), taking into account the folder and files exclusions defined in the gitignores.

Can I schedule Machine to run over specific times?#

No. In real life scenarios, real hackers won't take into account labour days nor specific hours to perform an attack.

What happens if I turn off my environments in specific times?#

Machine won't report vulnerabilities on source code that cannot be cloned or environments that do not respond back to incoming connections.

However in pre-productive environments, it is expected to find environments which are not available 24/7 due to different reasons.

As a security company, we perform our penetration testing in the most strict configuration, checking all our environments as production. Hence, vulnerabilties found out of labour hours are also valid reports.