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Centralized authentication#

We use a centralized authentication platform (IAM) to manage all our internal applications. Our employees do not know any of the passwords of the managed applications; they only know their own IAM passphrase. Once they log in to IAM, they can access applications assigned to them.

Some of our IAM specifications and requirements are listed below:

  • Passphrases instead of passwords (more information here).

  • Passphrases expire every 30 days.

  • Previous passphrases can only be reused after a 24 reset cycle.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) from a mobile device must be set.

  • Our MFA uses OOB, a mechanism that transports all the MFA data through a different channel than the application’s channel itself. Text messages and emails are examples of OOB. It reduces the risk in case a communication channel becomes compromised.

  • We use both SAML and Oauth2 for logging in. These two protocols allow us to log in to external applications by only having our IAM active account. No passwords or users are needed.

  • In case a mobile phone supports biometric authentication, our IAM enforces its usage.

  • All successful sessions have a duration of 9 hours.

GPG signature for repository commits#

In order to avoid identity hijacking, all our source code repositories require developers to use a GPG digital signature that verifies the developer’s identity on the Internet. Signatures can be found on the repository commit histories linked in the Open Source section.