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Secret rotation

Key rotation is essential when dealing with sensitive data. The best way to prevent a key leakage is by changing the keys regularly. Our rotation cycles are as follows:

  • KMS keys: every year or before in case it is needed.

  • JWT Tokens: daily.

  • Digital Certificates: every thirty days.

  • IAM passphrases: every three months.

Rotations are done in these two different ways:

  • Automatic rotation: Some secrets are stored in secret vaults. They are only accessible by administrators and are rotated daily. These secrets include JWT Tokens, IAM passphrases, and digital certificates.

  • Manual rotation: Some secrets are stored versioned and encrypted in git repositories using AES256 symmetric keys. They are treated as code, meaning that to be rotated a manual approval needs to be obtained. These secrets include KMS keys and other application credentials.