Everything is backed up

As data is likely our most valuable asset, we have strong backup policies for everything, for example:

  • Our redundant data centers are fully versioned, meaning that any file can be recovered or returned to a previous version.

  • As all our backups are stored in decentralized data centers, problems like hard drive lifespans are not a concern. The backups exist seamlessly for as long as we want, giving us full traceability and recoverability.

  • Attack Surface Manager’s (ASM) database has daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual full backup schedules. The daily backups last one week, the weekly ones twelve weeks, the quarterly ones three years, and the annual ones fifteen years.

  • Attack Surface Manager’s (ASM) database has point-in-time recovery with the ability to recover the database to the state it was in at a specific date and time (hours, minutes and seconds) during the last 35 days.

  • All the exploits are versioned.