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MISRA C is a set of software development guidelines for the C programming language developed by The MISRA Consortium. It is the most widely used set of coding guidelines for C around the world. MISRA provides best practice guidelines for the safe and secure application of both embedded control systems and standalone software. The version used in this section is MISRA-C:2004.


1_1. All code shall conform to legal compliance
331. Guarantee legal compliance
1_4. The compiler/linker shall be checked
157. Use the strict mode
2_1. Assembly language shall be encapsulated and isolated
374. Use of isolation methods in running applications
2_4. Sections of code should not be “commented out”
171. Remove commented-out code
3_2. Character set and corresponding encoding shall be documented
044. Define an explicit charset
3_6. All libraries used in production code shall be written
302. Declare dependencies explicitly
5_5. No object or function identifier with static storage duration should be reused
030. Avoid object reutilization
5_7. No identifier name should be reused
030. Avoid object reutilization
8_8. An external object or function shall be declared in one and only one file
302. Declare dependencies explicitly
15_0. The MISRA C switch syntax shall be used
161. Define secure default options
20_2. Names of standard library macros, objects and functions shall not be reused
030. Avoid object reutilization
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