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Define maximum file size


The files manipulated by the system and the users must have a defined maximum file size (5MB recommended).


When a system allows users to upload or attach files for storage, the maximum file size limit must be defined for these files, in order to avoid issues involving the availability of the service and to reduce the chance of an attacker uploading a file containing malicious software.


In order to define the file size limit, you must first define the information storage needs and the infrastructure size. The company can set a default file size for information management and define the exceptions they deem necessary to increase the admitted file size, but always keeping a defined limit to avoid denial-of-service attacks caused by abusing the system storage.


  1. An application allows the uploading and storage of files. A user continuously uploads large size files until they cause a denial of service because of the lack of space in the system.


  • Layer: Application layer
  • Asset: Files
  • Scope: Availability
  • Phase: Operation
  • Type of control: Recommendation