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Who we are

We are a cybersecurity company whose only purpose is to make the world a safer place.

What we do

  • We perform comprehensive security testing over all of your assets.
  • We use cutting-edge technologies and heavily trained human hackers.
  • We report vulnerabilities back to you as accurately and quickly as possible.

The source code of the technologies used is versioned in the Universe repository and is divided across many components. We also have a GitHub account where we publish projects that are more oriented towards the community and less coupled to our model of business. However, this documentation focuses on the Universe repository. The projects on GitHub have separate documentation that can be found on each of the respective projects.

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Our components

Our users

We have different kinds of users, we divide them by use case:

  • End Users: They don't contribute code, but instead just interact with our components by installing them on their hosts and using the product's CLI, or through interacting with the product's public interface (an API, web interface, container image, etc).

    They are usually:

    • Security Analysts of Fluid Attacks: They usually use Sorts and the platform (Integrates), among others.
    • Customers of Fluid Attacks: They usually use the platform (Integrates), the DevSecOps Agent (Sorts), read our blog (Airs), and sometimes our documentation (Docs).
    • Community users: They usually use tools like Skims in its Free and Open Source plan.
  • Developers: Fluid Attacks' developers that contribute source code to Universe. They also contribute sometimes to our projects on GitHub.

free trial

Search for vulnerabilities in your apps for free with Fluid Attacks' automated security testing! Start your 21-day free trial and discover the benefits of the Continuous Hacking Essential plan. If you prefer the Advanced plan, which includes the expertise of Fluid Attacks' hacking team, fill out this contact form.