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Who we are#

We are a cyber-security company whose only purpose is to make the world a safer place.

What we do#

  • We perform comprehensive security testing over all of your assets.
  • We use cutting edge technologies and heavily trained human hackers.
  • We report vulnerabilities back to you as accurate and fast as possible.

The source code of the technologies used is versioned in this repository and is divided across many products:

QualityQuality Gate Security RatingMaintainability RatingTechnical DebtCode Grade


Most products are distributed as a standalone binary.

Before proceeding make sure you have Nix installed in your system, otherwise please install it as explained in the tutorial.

You can install the products of your choice by using one or many of the following commands:

  • bash <(curl -L
  • bash <(curl -L
  • bash <(curl -L
  • bash <(curl -L
  • bash <(curl -L
  • bash <(curl -L

Once installed, you can test that they work by invoking the product like skims --help, forces --help, and so on.

You can see installed software with: nix-env -q and uninstall with: nix-env -e.