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Airs is the product that contains our home page, the description of services we provide to our customers, our blog, security advisories, the careers page, and is usually the first point of contact people have with our company.

Public Oath

  1. The home page is located at:


  1. Airs is a static site built with Tachyons, React, Gatsby, Markdown, and TypeScript.
  2. At build time, we generate search indexes to leverage search functionality through Algolia.
  3. Once built, its static content is deployed to an S3 bucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  4. All of the media content (images, videos, etc) is stored (and served from) Cloudinary.
  5. The domain's registrar is Cloudflare, which also proxies incoming traffic from the users through the Cloudflare network (CDN, Firewall, etc), and caches the content for some time using Page Rules. Before a request is returned to the user, a Cloudflare Worker adds HTTP security headers like the Content-Security-Policy.
  6. In order to allow developers to test their changes, an ephemeral environment is deployed from their Git branch into<branch>. So that they can check that everything is OK before opening a Merge Request on GitLab.

You can right-click on the image below to open it in a new tab, or save it to your computer.

Architecture of Airs


Please read the contributing page first.

Development Environment

Follow the steps in the Development Environment section of our documentation.

When prompted for an AWS role, choose dev, and when prompted for a Development Environment, pick airs.

Local Environment

Just run:

universe $ m . /airs/dev

This will launch a replica of on your localhost, which you can interactively develop and test.