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Compute is the component of Common in charge of providing out-of-band processing muscle. It can run jobs on-demand and on-schedule.

Public Oath

  1. There are the following AWS Batch job queues in the us-east-1 region:

    • clone: For jobs that require 1 vcpu, 4GB memory and VPN access for repository cloning.
    • small: For jobs that require 1 vcpu and 4GB memory.
    • medium: For jobs that require 2 vcpus and 8GB memory.
    • large: For jobs that require 4 vcpus and 16GB memory.


    • They are able to run jobs, but for as long as an EC2 SPOT instance last (so design with idempotency, and retrial mechanisms in mind).
    • They can access the internet.
    • They are of x86_64-linux architecture.
    • They start running the job within a few seconds (short queue time).


  1. A compute environment (backed by an ECS cluster) runs the jobs sent to their associated queue, and spawns as much machine instances on EC2 as necessary.
  2. A Developer either:
    • Manually submits a job to a queue.
    • Defines a schedule, which periodically submits a job to a queue.
  3. On failure, an email is sent to [email protected]

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Architecture of Common's /compute


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