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Front Technologies

Technology stack

Development workflow

  1. Start the development server

    m . /integrates/front

    The changes will be reflected as you edit and save the code. If it can't be instantly applied, the server will perform a full reload on the page you are working.

    You can read more about this functionality here:

    NOTE: Google Chrome might cause trouble because of invalid https certificates in localhost. If the bundle fails to load, you can go to chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost and enable that flag

  2. Lint your code

    ./m integrates.front.lint

    You have the option to lint in real time (with ESLint) and fix on save, by following the next steps:

    • Download the VScode eslint extension

    • Go to settings.json in vscode and add these rules:

      // This tells the extension to lookup for node_modules in the front directory.
      "eslint.workingDirectories": ["front"],
      // This allows you to autofix linting errors on save.
      "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
      "source.fixAll": true
  3. Test your code

    ./m integrates.front.test