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Reviews is the product responsible for ensuring that Merge Requests on GitLab comply with the defined development policies, for instance:

  • It checks that the Merge Request has the required syntax
  • It checks that the pipeline has succeeded.

Among others.

End Users are given the option to configure what checks run.


  1. Reviews is a CLI written in Python. It communicates with the GitLab GraphQL API to get information about a Merge Request and the associated Pipelines and Git Commits to it, and then performs checks over the information.
  2. Reviews is distributed to the End Users using Makes.

You can right-click on the image below to open it in a new tab, or save it to your computer.

Architecture of Reviews


Please read the contributing page first.

Development Environment

Follow the steps in the Development Environment section of our documentation.

When prompted for an AWS role, choose dev, and when prompted for a Development Environment, pick reviews.

Local Environment

Just run:

universe $ m . /reviews

This will build and run the Reviews CLI application, including the changes you've made to the source code.