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Below you will find a list of steps you must do to start

  • Receive your Fluid credentials at your registered personal email.
  • Attend the induction meeting (via invitation link sent to your personal email).
  • Configure Okta following the instructions to access your corporate email.
  • Login with your Fluid credentials to your corporate email.
  • Watch Health & Security videos shared with you.
  • Setup your email signature.
  • Send the presentation email to [email protected]
  • Send the google sheet with your tentative schedule email to your direct manager.
  • Create a Gitlab account with your corporate email as suggested by your direct manager.

Configure your machine

  1. Install Linux.
  2. Register with your Fluid Credentials at via invitation link sent to your email).
  3. command to run timedoctor on linux: export QTWEBENGINE_DISABLE_SANDBOX=1 && ~/timedoctor2/timedoctor2
  4. Install VScode.
  5. Install Git.
  6. Create key ssh.
  7. Configure key in your Gitlab.
  8. Clone repository with ssh.
  9. when the repository cloning is complete enter the root folder
cd universe
  1. Configure Git Username and Email.
  2. Create a GPG key and configure the key in your Gitlab.
  3. Install nix. Choose Single user installation
  4. Install makes with this command nix-env -if
  5. Read the guide to do a local test with makes.