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Lambda is the service we use for running serverless functions.

The main reasons why we chose it over other alternatives are the following:

  • It allows us to execute tasks without having to design any infrastructure.
  • It complies with several certifications from ISO and CSA. Many of these certifications are focused on granting that the entity follows best practices regarding secure cloud-based environments and information security.
  • It supports many different runtimes, allowing to run code for programming languages like Python, Ruby, Go, among others.
  • It supports lambda scheduling, allowing to run lambdas on a scheduled basis. This is especially useful for tasks like CI workers cleaning.
  • It integrates with other AWS services, allowing us to easily manage EC2 instances or sending emails via SQS.
  • Resources can be written as code using Terraform.
  • Lambda logs and performance can be monitored using CloudWatch.



We use Lambda for