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Daily Progress

The daily progress report is sent when you want to track your daily tasks (issues), where you can communicate with your teammates about the progress of your work. Also, you can share difficulties or doubts you have.

We know that it is vital that you are aware of how to make a progress report, so here we show you how to do it.

First you have to access the progress report URL.

Open URL

In the Progress type item, click on Standard. It will display other fields.

Fill out the form

The following information to be filled in:

  • Group: Here you have to click on the work team you are part of; in this case, click on Production.
  • Talent: Corporate email of the person sending the report.
  • Progress date: The date you send the report.
  • Organization: The Name of the company which is Fluid Attacks.
  • Interested: The email address of your immediate supervisor who will receive your report.

When you fill it in, you will fill in the field that says What did I do today? Here you put your progress report for the day. Next, What will I do tomorrow? You put what your tasks to be done are, and finally, the field I would need help with any difficulties, you put here if you are having trouble with functions that are not allowing you to progress and require support to achieve them.

When you have finished filling out this questionnaire, click on the submit button, where this report will be sent to your immediate supervisor.