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If you are not part of the Fluid Attacks team, do not forget to send with your piece of writing an image that represents you (preferably, a picture of yourself). We will include this image at the end of the blog post, along with your name.

You must send the text in .adoc and .pdf and the images for the blog post to [email protected] Our editor will review these files to determine and let you know whether or not we will publish your writing on our website.

Terms and conditions#

  • At Fluid Attacks, we are impartial when evaluating the submitted posts, i.e., we do not take into account whether we agree with the author's opinion. Instead, we focus on whether the document meets the required guidelines described above.

  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any document sent to us.

  • If we accept and publish a blog post, the author retains the copyright to the draft submitted to us. However, we at Fluid Attacks maintain the right to make changes to that draft, if necessary, without the author's consent or notification.

  • We do not pay for articles accepted for publication on our blog.