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  • BM01: Our target audience is anyone interested in cybersecurity. Therefore, we must use non-technical English as much as possible.

  • BM02: We must write blog posts that have some relation to cybersecurity. (We have a list of recommended topics here, but we can address many others; see the latest posts).

  • BM03: We must generate blog posts in the markup language AsciiDoc. (Please refer to our format page, the AsciiDoc guide or a quick reference for more information.)

Title and subtitle#

Length and structure#

  • BS01: We must write blog posts of between 800 and 1,200 words.

  • BS02: We should write blog posts with structures similar to the following (based on recommendations by the American Lecturer Robert Pozen):

    1. An introduction that contextualizes the reader, states the main theme, and describes the organization of the text.
    2. A body with paragraphs highlighting central ideas and providing supporting information for them (subtitles can make the structure clearer).
    3. A conclusion that, rather than condensing the main points, provides lessons learned, possible implications or recommendations to keep in mind.
  • BS03: We must build blog posts with a LIX value below 50 to make them easy to read. (To achieve this, we can use short sentences and short words.)


  • BI01: We must include a cover image taken only from Unsplash for each blog post (it must have a size of 900 × 600 px and less than 800 KB).

  • BI02: We must name the cover image as follows: cover_[main keyword of the post] (e.g., cover_pentesting; both words in lower case).

  • BI03: We can use images from different websites and other sources within the bodies of the blog posts.

  • BI04: We must name each image with a corresponding keyword in lower case. (We can repeat the name with an initial capital letter between the brackets after the link of the image and even accompany it with other keywords.) Example:


  • BI05: We should put a brief description under each image we use (it must be no longer than 80 characters).

  • BI06: We must include the reference as a hyperlink in the description of each image that does not belong to us. Example:


  • BI07: We must always upload the images to Cloudinary and then use their links, changing their filename extensions to .webp inside the .adoc files. (Only for Fluid Attacks staff.)


  • BO01: Whenever we create a post with an interview, we must use the [role="fluid-question"] and [role="fluid-answer"] commands to display each question and answer (this one indented by two spaces) in a specific way. Example: