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  • GK01: We must check that each hyperlink, in addition to leading to a working site, always leads to the right place.

  • GK02: We must not use hyperlinks that direct the reader to websites or documents written in a language other than English unless strictly necessary.

  • GK03: We must use hyperlinks for our services and solutions the first and last time we mention them within a subsection, page or blog post.

  • GK04: We must use internal links in the subsections and pages whenever we direct the reader to (a) another part of these or to (b) other subsections or pages.

  • GK05: We must include the reference with a hyperlink immediately before or after an external source fragment of text is used (e.g., As Alan Turing said, "Science is a differential [...]"). It can also be just the link associated with some initial words of the textual quotation when we do not wish to mention the source within our text for reasons of repetition or space.

  • GK06: We must maintain consistency in the presentation of hyperlinks within a text. So, for example, if in a text we use the word here to direct the reader to websites, every time we mention it and have a corresponding link, we must associate both elements.

  • GK07: Within the same block of text or list, we must not give the reader the same link associated with the same word or group of words two or more times unless they are so far apart that we cannot see them simultaneously. (There may be an exception: see GK03.)

  • GK08: We must avoid putting full paths to websites (especially with https:// and several slashes afterward) as references in the visible content and then associating those same links to them (e.g., To learn more, visit the TypeScript documentation page at