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  • GL01: We must use bullet points for lists that do not communicate a hierarchical order and numbers (starting with 1, 2, 3...) for those that do.

  • GL02: We must place periods at the end of list items (except for lists that are paragraph divisions) when what we are listing are complete sentences or independent clauses.

  • GL03: When we split a paragraph into a list, we must not put a colon before the first item. Each line must be in a bullet point beginning with a lowercase letter and must end with a semicolon, except for the last line, which must have a period (the penultimate line can also end with a comma followed by the conjunction and).

  • GL04: We can also display lists in paragraphs (without bullet points) using letters in parentheses (e.g., These emails contain information on (a) what data was leaked or compromised, (b) when the data was...).

  • GL05: When all the items in a list begin with one or more words followed by a colon and more information, we must emphasize those first words and the colon in bold.

  • GL06: We must avoid that details expressed in the sentences previous to the lists be repeated in the items of the lists.

  • GL07: We must not use numbers or bullet points for words or sentences that stand alone within a subsection, page or blog post, as if they were part of a list.