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  • GM01: All the information we display in our documentation and website must be written in the English language.

  • GM02: We must be clear, concise and direct in our writing.

  • GM03: We must not copy and publish other people's texts without referencing their source. Besides, we must show originality in our writings.

  • GM04: We must avoid unnecessary repetition of information in our texts.

  • GM05: We must keep the names of our services, solutions and material updated in each of our publications (e.g., if our main application receives the name ASM and not Integrates, we must present it that way in all our writings).

  • GM06: We must be consistent with the handling of our key terms in each of the sections (i.e., within the documentation), pages and blog posts (e.g., use "reattacks" all the time and not sometimes "re-attacks").

  • GM07: We must not close any block of text of the sections and pages with goodbye or any similar expression (it is different in blog posts).

  • GM08: We should seek to present our ideas mainly in the active voice, that is, making it clear to the reader who is the subject in charge of each action (e.g., passive voice: "These security standards are implemented in our daily activities." Active voice: "We implement these security standards in our daily activities.").

  • GM09: We must be careful with the characters that generate an effect on the written material (i.e., inline markup) and make the necessary changes when transferring information from AsciiDoc to Markdown or vice versa.

  • GM10: We must take the time, after writing a text, to carefully check for spelling mistakes. Once published, on the next day, for example, we can invest some more time in another quick revision and make any necessary adjustments.