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  • GO01: We must use colons when we make it clear that we are going to present a list or as substitutes for it is, they are or similar expressions (e.g., (a) These are currently the best teams in the Premier League: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. (b) There is only one thing to do: buy food supplies asap.).

  • GO02: After the colon, we must write the first word in lower case (unless it is a word that, as a proper noun, must begin with a capital letter) if, together with the other words, it forms a dependent clause or incomplete sentence or if it is part of a list or series of words. Otherwise, it must begin with a capital letter (e.g., (a) We want to thank all of you: clients, community, hackers, developers, partners and providers. (b) Meta-description: We offer you ASM for continuous monitoring of your digital assets.).

  • GO03: We must not repeat punctuation marks (e.g., exclamation marks!!) to emphasize a word or phrase.

  • GO04: We must use the monospace font only when referring to the name of our company (i.e., Fluid Attacks) and when displaying any code-related elements (e.g., commands, functions) within our texts.

  • GO05: We must not leave loose sentences in texts without periods (unlike what happens with dependent clauses and simple terms in lists).

  • GO06: We must present disjunctions in ordinary texts with the word or, not with symbols (e.g., /).

  • GO07: We must present conjunctions in ordinary texts with the word and, not with symbols (e.g., &).

  • GO08: We must write an acronym and its meaning together (e.g., Go to our Attack Surface Manager (ASM).) only the first time we mention one of them in a subsection, page or blog post (not in titles or subtitles). After that, we should use only the acronym.

  • GO09: We must not put periods at the end of titles and subtitles.