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This ETL process extracts data from the Zoho CRM api and sends it to the warehouse (redshift).


Local execution and sending of jobs will require to setup your terminal and have access to the prod_observes role and the CACHIX_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable.


  • Prepare

    The ETL request export data on batch jobs through the zoho API. It saves the job id on redshift for future retrieval. Job is triggered by an schedule; local execution can be done with:

    m . /observes/etl/zoho-crm/fluid
  • Core

    This is the core ETL process which downloads the results of the previously requested data.

    m . /observes/etl/zoho-crm/fluid/prepare

Common issues

Sometimes the ETL cannot continue normally

expired bulk data

  • Reason: #5441

  • Resolution: delete bulk_jobs state and retry prepare and core procedures

    delete from zoho_crm.bulk_jobs