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The ARM will give you plenty of information about the status of all the groups of your organization, one of the best ways to look at the general status of your organization is by checking the Analytics tab. Here the ARM platform will show you graphs and numbers that resume all the information about your groups for you. The information you are shown depends of the section from where you accessed the analytics tab, which are the following:

  • From your Organization screen, which is the page you land in when you log into your account. The analytics presented here will be about all the groups in your organization.

Analytic in org view

  • From inside one of your Portfolios. Here you will only see information about the groups inside that specific portfolio.

Analytic in portfolio view

  • From inside one of your Groups. Here you will only see the information about that specific group.

Analytic in group view

In the Analytics section, you can see that there are graphs that are common to all three sections mentioned above. You can see these distributions in the navigation menu on the left side.