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Azure Credentials

This section refers to repositories that are not yet associated to any group in the ARM platform.

To see if you have any Azure type credentials, you can check in the Global credentials view in the column named Type.

azure in credentials

If you don't know how to add an Azure DevOps PAT credential, you can do it in two parts: Scope or Global credentials.

When you see that you have listed the credentials, you go to the Out of Scope view, and there you can see all the repositories that are not yet associated with the ARM and that you have access with the token given by adding an Azure DevOps PAT credential where you have access to read source code.

azure credentials view

To add the repositories click on the plus symbol in the action column.

plus action

When you click on it, you can specify to which group of that organization you will add that repository.


When you click on the Confirm button, you can start adding a new root, as seen in the scope view, having already set the URL of the repository I had already chosen.


In this way, I select and add an Azure repository to be analyzed.