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Organization in the ARM

An organization in the ARM refers to the different macro projects that the company has, which are divided into other subprojects (Groups) where you consolidate the data to analyze.

In Organization, you can find multiple subsections, but according to the role you manage in the ARM, you can access this one. To find out which role you have in the ARM you can view it in the User information drop-down menu. If you want to know more about roles, click here

Creating an organization using drop-down menu

Creating an organization on our ARM helps you to consolidate the data in a specific place and keep all your information in order. On the top left, you can make a list of your organizations appear by clicking on the drop-down menu icon next to your organization’s name. Using the option New org…, you can create as many organizations as you want on your ARM account.

New Option In Menu

Give it a name, then click on Confirm and your organization will be created.

Add New Organization Tab

The organization drop-down menu helps you navigate through your organizations easily. Its option to create new organizations enables you to keep your groups and vulnerability management more orderly.