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When we talk about authors on the ARM, we refer to all developers or professionals who have contributed to the repositories of the groups under evaluation. You can access the Authors section when you enter one of your groups.

Authors Section

Authors table

The Authors table shows us who has contributed to the project or group.

  • Author: The author name and the email registered in the ARM.
  • Groups Contributed: Name of the group to which the author contributes.
  • Commit: The first author commit of the month.
  • Repository: The first repository that was detected in the month.
  • Registration status: The registration status can be: Registered, pending, or invite.


In this section of the ARM we find the following functionalities:

Filter per month

When you need to see the list of authors for a specific month, simply click on the date at the top left to drop down a menu with all the months of work in that group.

Authors Specific Month


You can download the list of authors as a CSV (comma-separated values) file by clicking on the Export button.


By clicking the Filters button, which you can find on the upper right-hand side, next to the search bar; you have six filters enabled to apply to your listing: Author, Groups Contributed, Commit, Repository, Registration status.

Filter List Authors

The search bar filters the information contained in the columns of the table.

Invite authors

The notion of shared responsibility for secure development makes it especially important that all of the contributors to any given repository be part of our Attacks Resistance Management platform. If you are a user manager, you can send registration invitations to contributors who do not have an ARM account yet by clicking the Invite button.

Authors Tab

The ARM will email the author showing them two possible options: Confirm access and Reject access. During the time it takes the author to respond to the registration invitation, you will see the Registration status column showing a Pending status for the author in question.

Authors Section

If the author rejects the invitation, the status will revert to Invite, whereas if the author accepts the invitation, the status will become Registered.