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Here you will find the information of the company and the group. It is composed of seven fields.


  • Business Registration Number: DNI of the company.
  • Business Name: Legal name of the company.
  • Description: Specify the purpose of the group.
  • Report language: Language in which the group is created.
  • Sprint Length: If you use sprint as part of your work methodology. You have to specify the number of weeks of the duration of the sprint.
  • Sprint Start Date: The day my sprint starts.
  • Managed: Shows the current payment configuration of the group. This information is available to all ARM users but can only be modified by Fluid Attacks' team.

In Managed the configuration options are:

  1. Managed: The group is using another payment method than a credit card, and this method has already been validated.
  2. Not Managed: The group's payment method is credit card.
  3. Under review: When it is in this status, it is because of: No payments made, validation of the effectiveness of other payment methods or the free trial has expired. When is in under review, the group access is blocked.
  4. Free trial: Groups that are on a free trial period in the use of ARM

Remember that the information in the Business Registration Number and Business Name items helps us to generate the security testing certificates.

Edit group information

If you need to make a change in the information of these items, clicking on any of the fields will activate the edit action and you can make the necessary changes. To save these changes you have to click on Continue.


To confirm that the changes made were successful, you will receive a notification showing you how the fields currently look and your changes.