There are cases when it is necessary to exclude a number of files or whole folders from the scope of the tests we perform. There are many reasons why you may want to do this, maybe you want to exclude the many functional tests that your repository has, exclude some dummy files that you haven't deleted, etc., the circumstances are varied. The ASM gives you a way to do this, however, remember that any files or folders excluded by the gitignore will prevent any more vulnerabilities from being reported for them and are effectively taken out of the scope of the group, so we advice you to be careful with this.

How to exclude paths from the scope of my group?#

In order to do this, we have a section that appears when you are adding or editing a git root in your group.

Git Root Buttons

You just need to go to the scope section of your group and click on the Add new root or Edit root button depending on what you want to do, and the following will show up

Edit Root

Here you can see the section that says Gitignore, this is where you can specify the paths that you don't want us to test. Here you can click on the plus(+) sign to start adding patterns for the files and/or folders you want to exclude. In case you are wondering what is this pattern we are talking about, you can also click on the interrogation sign(?) besides the word gitignore to access a web page that instructs you on how to write it. For your convenience, you can also click this link to access said web page. Using these patterns you can efficiently exclude all the files and folders you want, however, we advice you to be careful when you use the wildcard(*), as this may cause you to accidentally exclude something you don't want to and stop receiving reports of any vulnerabilities in it, so whenever you can, always try to be specific when excluding paths.


Here we have some examples:

  • node_modules/
  • build/tmp/
  • test/*.js (Here we use the wildcard that we advised you to be careful with)
  • repo-root/dummy/excludeme.js