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In this section you will be able to add Tags to your groups to create portfolios. In order to create a tag, you can click on the Add button.

Portfolio Section

When you click on it, a window will show up where you can add as many tags as you want.

Add Tag

To add a tag you can click on the plus(+) button below, when you click it, more fields to add tags will appear, you can do this many times if you want to add multiple tags. You can also click on the trash button in front of a tag field to delete it if you decide to add less tags. When you have added the tag or tags you want, click on Proceed to create them or you can click on Cancel to dismiss them.

There is also the Remove button in the Tags section that is used to delete any tags that you already created.

Selected Tag

In order to enable this button, you need to click on one of the tags in the list. After selecting it you can click on the remove button and the tag will be immediately deleted, so be careful when doing this.