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There may be cases when you want to remove your user from a particular group, making it inaccessible for you and deleting it from your list of groups. In order to do this, first you need to go to the Scope section of the group you want to manage.

Scope Section

When you scroll all the way down, above the Delete this group section you can find the Unsubscribe section.

Unsubscribe Button

This function is used only to remove your own user from the group and thus will not affect anything related to the group and its data at all. It will only remove this group from the list of groups available to you, and consequently, revoke your access to it completely.

Unsubscribe Modal

By clicking on Unsubscribe a window will appear in which you will need to type the name of the group you are currently managing and click on proceed. Consider carefully when proceeding as this action will remove you from this group, and in case you do not have any more groups besides this one, you will be removed from Integrates entirely.