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This section refers to repositories not yet associated with any group in the ARM platform of this organization.

This list of roots displayed is based on the four providers that the ARM supports, which are:

  • GitLab: List the groups/projects that the user has access to.
  • GitHub: List the organizations/repositories the user has access to.
  • Bitbucket: List the workspaces/projects/repositories that the user has access to.
  • Azure: List the organizations/repositories the user has access to.

To see how to connect to these providers, we invite you to enter the Global Credentials section, going to the Add repositories via OAuth section.

OAuth view

Once the connectivity and permissions authorization is completed, the repositories that had activity in the last 60 days and are not associated with the ARM will be listed in this section. Keep in mind that listing the information will take about 30 to 1 hour.

outside view

With the repositories listed, you decide which ones you want to add to be part of the analysis and to which group. You can add them in bulk or by unit.

You must click on the plus symbol in the action column to add a single repository.

single repository

When you click on it, you can specify to which group of that organization you will add that repository.


To click on the Confirm button, you can start adding a new root, as seen in the outside view, having already set the URL of the repository I had already chosen and the branch too.


To add several repositories, select them with the check box on the left, followed by the add new roots button.

add several

You will get a pop-up window asking which selected roots will be part of the group.

justification many roots

When you select the group, you will get a pop-up window where you can fill in the requested information. If you want to know what each field refers to, you can enter it here.