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Portfolios helps us to compare Analytics information between different groups within the same organization.

Portfolios Information

In the overview of this section, you can create a portfolio with selected groups. To do this go to the Scope tab in the Portfolios section. For more information, click here.

Portfolios table

The portfolio table shows us how what groups are included in the Portfolios.

Portfolios Table

  • Portfolio: Name of the tag that each group has to create the Portfolio.
  • # of Groups: Total number of groups in the Portfolio.
  • Groups: Name of the groups that make up the Portfolio.

Portfolio of your interest

When you select a portfolio of your interest you will see two tabs: Analytics and Groups.

Interested Portfolio

In the Analytics view, you can see the graphs and comparison metrics of the groups that make up this portfolio. We invite you to click here to know which charts are measured in this section.

You can see which groups make up the Portfolio in the Groups view. By selecting any of these, you will be redirected to the Analytics section of this.

Portfolios Group