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User information drop-down menu

On the ASM, it is quite easy to find the options to access the platform’s API, configure what notifications you want to receive in your email, delete your account, and log out. These are shown on a drop-down menu that appears when you click the user icon on the upper-right part of your screen. Your username, email address and role are shown as well.

User Drop Down Menu

The first information on this menu is your username, email address with which you signed in and your mobile phone number which one you subscribe to the ASM. Remember your privileges are attached to this email address. Differences in access privileges are managed depending on your role on the ASM, which is also shown on this menu. You can find out more about roles here. (Be sure to check out the role table.)

Under the user role information, there’s an option that says API. Clicking on it will allow you to generate an access token to consume the ASM’s API. You will be asked to set its expiration date before generating it. You can find out more about this under this link.

Next is the Notifications option, which allows you to select which notifications you want to receive. When you click on it, you will see the Notifications matrix that shows you all the reports and alerts that our ASM generates. There you can toggle the on/off button to enable or disable the delivery of each notification to your registered email.

Notification Matrix

The next option is Mobile, which allows you to register your mobile phone number to the ASM. This registration is required to access the ASM reports.

Mobile Option

When you click on the Mobile option, you will see a window where you must add your number and then enter the verification code sent to you via SMS to complete the registration.

Enter Mobile

Next on the menu is the Delete account option. This will allow you to delete your account if you are no longer using the ASM. Your access privileges will be deleted along with the account. Before proceeding, a warning message will appear, reminding you that you will not be able to restore your account afterward.

Delete Account

Lastly, the Log out option will allow you to end your session on the ASM.