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Vulnerability details

It is helpful for you to learn the most relevant information about the vulnerabilities reported in your system. This information includes vulnerability status, display of vulnerable code, defined treatments and tracking history. We provide this information in the Vulnerability pop-up window that appears when you click on any vulnerability in the Locations tab or the To do section. This window has four tabs: Details, Code, Treatments and Tracking.

Details tab

In the Details tab, you can see the vulnerability’s status –whether it is open or closed–, location, last reattack request date and current treatment.

Vulnerability Detail Tab

Here we explain the information of each item:

  • Location:
    • Locations: Path where the vulnerability was found.
    • LoC / Port / Input: The location specified is either the code line, port number, or input field.
  • General details:
    • Report date: Date vulnerability reported.
    • Closing date: The date vulnerability was closed.
    • Commit hash: Commit ID where the vulnerability was found.
    • Tags: Vulnerability identification tags.
    • Level: The user's rating of the vulnerability indicates how important/critical it is.
    • Type: The type of vulnerability can be an app, code, or infra.
  • Reattacks:
    • Last request: Date of last time a re-attack was requested.
    • Requester: The name of the person requesting the reattack.
    • Cycles: Total of how many reattacks have been requested.
    • Efficiency: Percentage of efficiency in the solution of vulnerabilities.
  • Treatments:
    • Current: Current treatment of vulnerability.
    • Assigned: The person assigned the vulnerability.
    • Date: Date stipulated in the application of the treatment.
    • Expiration: Date stipulated in the application of the treatment Temporarily Accepted.
    • Justification: The justification given when Temporarily Accepted treatment was applied.
    • Changes: The number of times the treatment of that vulnerability has changed.

Code tab

Next to details tab is code is Code tab. Here you can see the vulnerable portion of the code, being this a clear reference where the vulnerability is pointed out directly from the code.

Code Tab

Note: This tab is exclusive only, to vulnerability type SAST.

Treatments tab

In the Treatments tab, you can modify the vulnerability’s defined treatment. If you would like to know more about the treatments you can define for a vulnerability, follow this link.

Treatments Tab

Tracking tab

Lastly, in the Tracking tab, you can learn how the vulnerability has evolved over time. Find out more information about this tab under this link.

Tracking Tab