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To do

If you want to organize your daily work on ARM, you can use our To do feature. Through this function, you can be aware of all the vulnerabilities assigned to you and have good tracking in your daily tasks. To access it, you just have to click on the To do icon in the top bar or follow this link (/todos).

ToDoList table

However, an initial question could be: How can we assign vulnerabilities to our team? Enter this link, and you will see how to do it!

To do table

The To do table shows us what vulnerabilities are assigned to me, and I am responsible for solving them. You find the following information:

ToDo table

  • Organization: The name of the organization where the specific vulnerabiity is found.
  • Group name: The name of the group where that specific vulnerability is found, clicking on it redirects you to the vulnerability typology tab of the group.
  • Type: The typology is that vulnerability. When you click on it you will be redirected to the description of that location.
  • Vulnerability: Where it is located, the vulnerability.
  • Evidence: Clicking on view will redirect you to the evidence tab in the locations tab.
  • Last reattack: The Reattack status requested in the list of vulnerabilities assigned to the user.
  • Severity: Severity level based on the CVSS.
  • Tags: The tags that you put at the time of assigning the vulnerability.


In this section of the ARM we find the following functionalities:

Edit vulnerabilities

To edit a vulnerability, you must select it in the check box on the left, followed by the Edit button.

Edit button

A pop-up window will appear for you to edit the vulnerability, where you can change the treatment, assigned, and the other fields that compose it. To save the changes you have made, click on the Confirm button.

Edit window

Remember that for any change you make, you will receive a notification of these; also, note that the changes you can make when editing is according to the role you have. To learn more about roles, click here


You can perform the Reattack action in the locations view and in the To do. Remember that a reattack is when you have already applied a solution for an existing vulnerability and you want to validate its effectiveness.

To perform a reattack from the To do view, you have to select which vulnerability you want to validate by clicking on the check box on the left, followed by the Reattack button.

Reattack ToDoList

A pop-up window will appear asking you for the justification you applied in the solution; remember that this justification is composed of 10 or more characters. When you have typed the validation, click on the Confirm button.

Justification ToDo

Here this vulnerability enters in Requested status waiting for the validation of its solution. We invite you to enter here to understand the status of the reattacks and their validation procedure.


Filters are one of the features found throughout our ARM platform, helping us to analyze data quickly. The filters in this section are located on the right side next to the search bar.

Filters ToDo

Here you can filter by Organization, Group name, type, Last reattack, Severity and tags. Note that you must set clear filters since the filter you apply will be maintained until you change any of these.

Filters options

Table refresh

If you need to refresh the To do table view, you can do so with the button on the right next to the reattack button.


The search bar filters the information contained in the columns of the table.


Remember that in the table of this section you have links that redirect you to the vulnerability view, locations, evidence and details of the vulnerability.