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Knowing what happened with each vulnerability is quite important. So, it is essential for your team to obtain information such as dates, users and justifications for each change in the history of your security vulnerabilities. For this purpose, there’s the Tracking tab in the ARM. This tab gives you detailed information about each vulnerability in your software and the treatment each has received over time.

You can find the Tracking tab in two different places. One is in each specific vulnerability type, where you can have a global overview.

Vulnerability Tracking Tab

The second Tracking tab can be accessed by first clicking on the Locations tab in a vulnerability type and then clicking on a specific location where the vulnerability was found. There you can find the tab, which will show you individual details on the file you chose.

Location Tracking Tab

The information that can be seen here will be divided in cycles based on the date of the change and the type of change that occurred. Here you will be able to visualize the amount of vulnerabilities that were opened/closed in a specific date and also the treatment that a set amount of vulnerabilities were given in a specific date, mentioning its justification and assigned user.