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Squad Plan billing for an organization is based on the number of active monthly authors (developers) contributing to its code repositories. To count these authors, we check the commits recording changes made to the code repositories and integrated to the branch under continuous hacking during a month.

First, we extract metadata of commits made and store it in an append-only database. Next, we add the dates on which we first found these commits. Then, we filter them for a specific month and make adjustments to remove duplicate authors. We know that an author might have used other accounts to make some commits in addition to those made using their primary email/account. The resulting list is what we use to calculate the billing for the organization in a given month.

Our customers can check these lists of active monthly authors any time they want in the Authors section of each group in Fluid Attacks' platform. These lists include the names of the authors and the groups to which they have contributed, the commit IDs (a single example per author) and the repositories’ names.