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When you have applied a solution for an existing vulnerability, you can request a reattack for us to validate this. In order to do this, log into your ASM account and click on one of your groups to access it, when you are inside the group, you will be greeted by a list of all the types of vulnerabilities that the group has.

Group Vulnerabilities Tab

Now look for the type of vulnerability that contains the individual vulnerability or vulnerabilities that you want to request a reattack for and click on it. By doing this you will land on the Locations tab of the type of vulnerability that you chose and here you will find the Reattack button, but only if the chosen vulnerability is Open, in case it is Closed, the button will not appear.

Enabled Reattacks Button

When you click on it, the button will deactivate until you select the vulnerabilities you want to reattack

Disabled Reattack Button

After selecting one or more vulnerabilities you can click on the Reattack button again, or you can click on Cancel to dismiss the process.

Reattack vulnerabilities selected

The following form will appear, you can explain the solution applied and click on Proceed to finish the request or Cancel to dismiss it.

Reattack Request Form

When you finish requesting the reattack, our analysts will verify that the vulnerability was indeed solved and close or keep it open depending on the verification result.