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The consulting tab is where you can talk directly to us and communicate all the questions, requests, suggestions and such matters concerning your group or a specific vulnerability that require much more direct interaction.

In order to manage the many issues that can occur in a group, there are three locations where you can post comments about specific situations for us to help you. First, you can do it in the main page of any group, when you open a group you can see that one of the tabs is called Consulting.

Group Consulting

In this section you can talk to us to assist you with any issues or questions that you may have about the group in general.

You can also find a comments section inside all of the different vulnerabilities that are reported in your group. When you click on a vulnerability, you can find the tab to the right of your screen.

Vulnerability Consulting

This section will be used to communicate with us when there are any issues concerning any of the vulnerabilities that are reported in that category or in case you have questions about that type of vulnerability in general. Furthermore, in this section you will find comments referencing your requests for Reattacks when you consider one or more vulnerabilities solved and our results corresponding to such Reattacks.

Finally, you will also find a comments section inside every event listed in the Events tab inside every group. When you click on an event this comments tab will be available.

Event Consulting

This tab will be useful for when you want to ask us the specifics of the event and also when you consider the event has been solved and wish to notify us about this.