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On the ARM, there are sections where you can talk directly to us and communicate all the questions, requests, suggestions and matters concerning your group or a specific vulnerability or event that require much more direct interaction.

There are three locations where you can post comments about specific situations for us to help you.

Concerning groups

On the main page of any group, click on the tab called Consulting. This section has a text field where you can add comments about any issues or questions that you may have about the group in general.

Group Consulting

Concerning vulnerabilities

You can find a Consulting tab inside all of the different types of vulnerabilities reported in your group. When you click on a type of vulnerability, you can find the tab on the right-hand side of your screen.

Vulnerability Consulting

This section should be used to communicate with us when there are any issues concerning any of the vulnerabilities reported in that category or if you have questions about that type of vulnerability in general. Furthermore, in this section you will find comments referencing your requests for reattacks and the results of those reattacks.

Note: Consulting in the vulnerability view is available for users with Plan Machine in view mode.

Concerning events

Finally, you can find a Consulting tab after clicking on any event listed in the Events tab of each group. When you click on the former, a text field will be available where you can add your comments.

Event Consulting

This tab is useful for when you want to ask us specific details of the event and when you consider that the event has been solved and wish to notify us about this.


Whenever you post a comment, you and everyone who has access to the group where you posted it and has this notification enabled will receive a Consulting notification via email. The message will show the comment, who made it and where. You can turn on/off these notifications in the Notifications section.