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Counting Authors

For us to calculate the billing of clients, we need to know how many developers (authors) are working on the application. To find this out each month, we have a comprehensive and reliable process.

Everything begins when the developers start making changes into the repository. As we know, every time a change is generated within the application, commits are created in turn. These are objects that save the information about the change that was made.

Fluid Attacks relies on a program that can extract the data of commits created by the developers and store them in an append-only database. This database stores everything that makes up a commit and adds the date on which we first find/visualize the commit.

On the database, we create a filter to select only the commits created during a specific month. Having this filtered information, we ove on to adjusting per authors.

Such an adjustment has the purpose of identifying the authors who use aliases. An alias is an alternate name that developers use to shorten text. We make the adjustment with mailmap, which maps and scans the email addresses included in the commits. By detecting aliases, we can avoid counting any author more than once. After this adjustment, we export the resulting database to our software as a file and share it through the ASM.

At the end of this process, we get a complete names file. This file has the author name, email address, group name, seen date, commit and repository name. Thanks to this process, we get the authors count on each group, which is clear and concise information.