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At Fluid Attacks, we care about the accuracy of security testing results. This means we want to make sure that the automated tools and security analysts involved make as few mistakes as possible in their reports. To the purpose of checking tool accuracy, Fluid Attacks uses the Benchmark established by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

The OWASP is a non-profit foundation committed to helping improve software security. It acts as an open, online community where anyone can contribute to the production of material in the field of web application security and benefit from the information available.

The OWASP Benchmark Project is a free Java test suite created in 2015 to assess the accuracy, speed and coverage of automated software vulnerability detection tools. It helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of different application security testing programs and allows objective comparisons between them.

By running different security testing tools over the OWASP benchmark we can put under evaluation different open-source or commercial static (SAST), dynamic (DAST) and interactive (IAST) software vulnerability detection tools. A tool's score will depend on the amount of truthful and erroneous claims in its reports. A truthful claim can be either a true positive or a true negative, whereas an erroneous claim can be either a false positive or a false negative.

By comparing the results of different products offered in the market, we get an important indicator for choosing what tool to include in our software development lifecycle.