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What are the necessary inputs and requirements for the Squad Plan?

  • Phase 1: Access to the integration branch of the repository for the not-yet-deployed application's source code. Ethical hacking focuses on the source code.

  • Phase 2: When the project has a deployed application (integration environment), the hacking coverage expands to include application security testing.

  • Phase 3: This phase applies only if the infrastructure supporting the application is defined as code and kept in the integration branch of the repository referred to in Phase 1. This phase includes infrastructure hacking.

What technical conditions must I meet for the Squad Plan?

Access to Git and a monitored environment in the branch are required through automated Linux. The following environments are not supported:

  • Access through a VPN that only runs on Windows.

  • VPN in Windows that requires manual interaction, such as an OTP token.

  • Site-to-site VPN.

In the Squad Plan, why is access to the source code repository necessary?

The Squad Plan needs access to the source code because it is based on continuous attacks on the latest version available.

If the application is stored along multiple repositories, can they all be attacked?

Yes, under one condition: The code must be stored in the same branch in each repository. For example, if it is agreed that all attacks will be performed on the QA branch, this same branch must be present in all of the repositories included for hacking.

What type of hacking is included in the Squad Plan?

The Squad Plan includes source code analysis, application hacking (see this question), and infrastructure hacking (see this question).

Do the repositories need to be in a specific version control system?

The Squad Plan is based on using Git for version control. Therefore, Git is necessary for the Squad Plan.

Does the Squad Plan require any development methodology?

No. It is independent of the client's development methodology. The Squad Plan test results become a planning tool in future development cycles. They do not prevent the continuation of development.

Does the Squad Plan depend on the type of repository I use?

No. The client can use whatever repository they deem appropriate. We only require access to the integration branch and its respective environment.