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At Fluid Attacks, we are continuously building not only cybersecurity software but also a variety of written content. In addition to our main website, where we display information related to our services and solutions, and where we regularly publish blog posts about cybersecurity, in 2021 we launched this Documentation site.

Here, we aim to compile coherent and clear texts both for people inside and outside our team. We want to have sufficiently precise material to answer a large number of questions that arise in our day-to-day work and also to standardize processes and facilitate learning. It is exactly for this reason, along with our love for conciseness and clarity, that we sought to propose a set of guidelines that would allow us to homogenize our writing and publishing activities.

These guidelines are structured as follows: In the first part, we offer general writing rules (many of them based on APA style), among which there are some oriented, for example, towards the handling of capital letters, italics and numbers. In the second part, we focus on guidelines that apply only to written material within our documentation. This part is followed by another one in which we focus only on shaping our blog posts. Finally, we have some rules strictly related to the use of Semantic Line Breaks (SLBs).

NOTE: This subsection of our documentation is under construction.