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Metadata are variables that influence the final rendering of pages and how search engines index them. Below, we show a table with the mandatory metadata for documentation:

id:The portion of text at the end of the URL (after the last forward slash) of the subsection under consideration. For example, foss in It must not exceed 25 characters and three words. It must contain the main words of the title of the subsection, all in lower case and separated by hyphens. In addition, it may have numbers but no spaces, prepositions, conjunctions or connectors, or special characters.
title:The title of the subsection before its body of text.
sidebar_label:The name of the subsection (i.e., the title) appearing in the left-hand menu.
description:The summary of the documentation page content. This information will appear in metadata tags and search engine results.
slug:The part of the URL of the subsection that goes after (e.g., /machine/scanner/plans/foss).