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OpenSearch is an open-source search engine forked from ElasticSearch that came as a response to some licensing issues Amazon had with Elastic, the original developers.

  • It is maintained by AWS and a community of developers.
  • It enables full-text search over indexed data with a flexible API.
  • It is a SaaS-oriented, so it does not require managing infrastructure on our own.
  • It supports local deployments, enabling us to run it on our machines, which is especially useful for development and ephemeral environments.
  • All its settings can be written as code using Terraform.


  • ElasticSearch (on AWS): Not recommended as the last supported version before the license change is 7.10, which is quite old now.
  • ElasticSearch (on Elastic Cloud): It implies using a different cloud provider with its own pricing model for very little extra features compared to what's available with OpenSearch.


We use OpenSearch for powering search and filtering features in our Platform.