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Docs is the product that contains Fluid Attacks' documentation.

Both internal and external documentation is located here.

Public Oath

The documentation is located at:


  1. Docs is a static site built with Docusaurus.
  2. It declares its own infrastructure using Terraform.
  3. It uses Markdown files to store its content.
  4. Sensitive secrets like Cloudflare authentication tokens are stored in encrypted YAML files using Mozilla SOPS.
  5. It uses Algolia to provide a search bar.
  6. It uses Cloudinary as main multimedia host.
  7. DNS records, cache, custom headers, redirections and firewall are managed by Cloudflare.
  8. The website is hosted on AWS S3.
  9. Ephemeral environments are deployed in<branch> so developers can check that everything works as expected before going to production.


Please read the contributing page first.

Development Environment

Follow the steps in the Development Environment section of our documentation.

When prompted for an AWS role, choose dev, and when prompted for a Development Environment, pick docs.

Local Environment

Run this command within the universe repository:

m . /docs start

This will launch a replica of on your localhost, port 3000, which you can interactively develop and test.