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Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is a common component that provides and controls company wide domains not managed by any other product.

Public Oath

Fluid Attacks will look for a DNS provider that:

  1. Offers helpful secondary services like firewall, ZTNA, DNSSEC, registrar, etc. This in order to centralize things as much as possible.
  2. Has competitive DNS resolution speed.
  3. Has edge servers around the world for faster loading times.
  4. Has a good reputation.


  1. The module is managed as code using Terraform.
  2. Our DNS provider is Cloudflare.
  3., and are the main domains.
  4. Many other secondary domains like and exist either due to historical reasons or avoiding domain takeovers.
  5. For each domain, a AWS s3 Bucket with the same name exist to avoid bucket takeovers.
  6. Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) is enabled for all domains.
  7. All secondary domains redirect to
  8. All domains point to an email provider, so that people can send emails using a custom domain instead of the email provider directly, for example [email protected] instead of [email protected].
  9. Main domains have subdomains like, and These subdomains connect to both internal and external services for serving sites like Integrates, technology status or news.
  10. Rate limiting rules to Integrates API are also declared here.


Please read the contributing page first.