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Public Oath

  1. The status page is available at



Architecture for service status monitoring is divided in two main components.


  1. The website is
  2. It is powered by Atlassian Statuspage.
  3. It is maintained manually as it does not have a Terraform provider.
  4. It shows the health status of Fluid Attacks components and third party dependencies to the general public.
  5. It sends notifications to email subscribers when disruptions occur.
  6. It allows to publish detailed information regarding incidents like root causes, mitigation strategies, etc. This task is performed by an assigned developer.

Automated checks

  1. Automated checks are powered by Checkly.
  2. They are managed as code using Terraform.
  3. There are several checks:
  4. When a check fails, developers receive an alert by SMS and Email, and an incident is automatically published on the Statuspage.


Please read the contributing page first.